The MG1 Variable Star Catalog

Copyright © 2006 by the
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes, Inc., Tucson, AZ
all rights reserved

created by
Adam L. Kraus
Eric R. Craine
Mark S. Giampapa
Roy A. Tucker

The MG1 Variable Star Catalog (MG1-VSC) contains data for 26,042 variable star candidates, including 5,271 which are periodic at the 99% confidence level. These stars are located in a 48-arcmin wide band centered at +03d 18m declination. The data primarily represent newly discovered variable star candidates as only 59 of them appear in the General Catalog of Variable Stars. The MG1-VSC is described in detail by Kraus et al (2006) and the parent Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes (GNAT) programs is described by Craine et al (2006).

The web-based version of the MG1-VSC is organized by Right Ascension with 24 data files, one for each hour of RA. The catalog contains the variable star name, which is represented as a prefix MG1 followed by a hyphen and the serial number of the cataloged entry (e.g. MG1-261). These serial numbers are not contiguous, as the balance of the numbers (approximately 2.1 million) are applied to other stars extracted from the MG1 survey band images.

The files for the MG1-VSC data consist of the star name, epoch 2000.0 RA and Dec, the MG1 R-magnitude, the amplitude of the light curve, the standard deviation about the mean, the photometric error, the skew of the light curve, the number of observations, the log of the period, and the log of the probability that the period is false, followed by links to the discovery light curves and the associated photometry. The former are .gif files and are plotted as negative magnitudes as a function of time, i.e. the light curve is inverted. The latter consists of .txt files containing five columns of data: the elapsed days since the start of observations, the truncated Julian Date of observation, the nominal phase of the observations based on an estimated period (these periods are generally in error due to aliasing), the MG1 R-magnitude and a photometric error.

NOTE: These data are made available on the condition that if used in projects that lead to publication or presentation of results the following attribution will be used as an acknowledgement:

"MG1 variable star discovery data have been acquired from the MG1-Variable Star Catalog compiled and published by the Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes, Inc. ("

Although access to the data is free we do require registration prior to use. This will allow for users to be updated on any corrections or modifications to the data. You may register at the GNAT forum and your access will be activated within 24 hours.

Links to Catalog Contents by Hour of Right Ascension:

Main reference for survey:
Kraus, A.L., Craine, E.R., Giampapa, M.S., Scharlach, W.W.G., and Tucker, R.A. "The First Motess-GNAT Variable Star Survey", Astron. J., 134:1488-1502,2007 October.

Also of interest:
Tucker, Roy A. "MOTESS: The Moving Object and Transient Event Search System" Astron. J., 134:1483-1487,2007 October.

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